Charity:  We are committed to supporting the communities in which we live and work and organize a variety of local charitable organizations through quarterly initiatives  It also provides busy professionals an easy way to give back to their communities. Read more

what makes thrive! arundel different?

THRIVE! Business Communities offer distinct advantages to it's members.  How?

  • Reduced Time Commitment:  Our groups meet every OTHER week, which provides members a much more manageable commitment level and also allows you to stay focused on your business.
  • Culture:  It's hard to describe culture, but whether it's good or bad, you often know it when you see it!  ​Thrive! is a community of professionals who truly believe that if we can help each other grow our businesses, the returns will be ten-fold.  Our group is lively and fun with a fresh approach to business development.
  • Education:   Throughout the year and at every meeting, we provide an educational and professional development component to help our members grow their business and enhance their professionalism.  
  • Quality vs. Quantity:  Our group leaders are not incented to drive members, like some referral groups.  So, our leaders are dedicated to finding quality members, not driving a quantity of members.
  • ​Not Just A Networking Group:  Our groups host events throughout the year designed to help members get to know each other on a more personal level through social events throughout the year. 
  • Industry Exclusivity:  Allows each member to serve as the go-to expert in their field, for our community. 

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Growing businesses by building strong referral partnerships!

Thrive! Business Communities is a collaborative community of local professionals that are dedicated to building their business through a strong referral network and supporting the communities in which we live and work.


Thrive! is now accepting applications for membership in industry exclusive categories in Anne Arundel and Baltimore!  RESERVE YOUR EXCLUSIVE CATEGORY TODAY and serve as the expert for your industry, in our community!  Members

  • attend two meetings as a guest,
  • submit an application,
  • be interviewed by a Board member,
  • represent a business in good standing with local and state
  • be in a non-competing industry
  • be diligent about meeting attendance
  • be diligent about generating referrals

Thrive! members volunteered at The Wellness House of Annapolis, which helps support individuals and families of those affected by cancer.

Stop handing out business cards! Network with Purpose!